The L Letterpress - Step by Step

Wondering how to use the L Letterpress? It's easy! Here's a basic tutorial...

Step 1: Place printing plate on clear lid of L Letterpress tool. There are currently 15 printing plate sets with fantastic designs that can be mixed and matched to create an unlimited number of projects!

Step 2: Use the ink brayer to ink the printing plate. There are currently 20 ink colors available which can also be mixed to create additional custom colors!

Step 3: Place paper on the base of the tool. The L Letterpress paper is specifically designed for the L Letterpress tool to achieve that fantastic impression and soft texture.

Step 4: Close the lid of the L Letterpress tool and roll through the Epic Six tool to simultaneously print and deboss your image.


  1. Is there a way to create custom plates or do you have to use pre made plate pack(s)?

  2. What a great thing the letterpress, I see myself
    making gifts and cards for many people. Imangine
    being able to change an ordinary piece of paper
    and changing it into a wonderful work of art. I am always looking to change something from oh to ahh!! this must have taken you days!!!!!

  3. I must admit I didn't understand fully what letterpress was, I thought you'd need a huge machine but that little thing is adorable and looks so easy to use!

  4. I love this!! I'm just beginning to learn about printing and this is fantastic! I'm heading over to see your product line! :)

  5. I have been looking for this kind of post. I really want to know how to do that perfectly. Thank you for sharing this very informative post.