The L Letterpress

Now you can finally make letterpress projects right in your own home! The L Letterpress is an exciting new product that will be available in stores this fall. It is so easy-to-use, affordable and convenient!

If you currently own an Epic Six die-cutting tool, all you need is the L Letterpress Starter Kit. For the rest of you, the L Letterpress Combo Kit (shown above) gets you everything you need. The best part is that each kit includes all the products you need to start letterpressing as soon as you open the box.

Here's what's included:
Epic Six Tool and Accessories (combo kit only)
L Letterpress Tool with Packing Mat
Ink Brayer with Base
Letterpress Paper
Printing Plates
Printing Plate Adhesive
Paper Placement Guides


  1. this is the COOLEST thing ever. i want it sooo soo badly! how much will this be for the whole kit?

  2. OMG! Please, please let this be available in the UK. I die!

  3. I agree!! This is total totally the coolest thing!!!

  4. I'm following the blog and wish me luck to have this wonderful tool!