Thanksgiving Workshop: Menu

I'm from the South where food and football are a religion. So, it's not wonder that Thanksgiving is a big deal around our house. In recent years I've loved creating menus to showcase the the traditional foods the talented Southern cooks in my life create every Thanksgiving. Little sister and I will not be able to fly home this year, so we will be celebrating Thanksgiving together, just the two of us. Since it's her first year away from home, I decided to continue on with our Southern food tradition and cook a big meal. This is the menu I created, which you are probably thinking is far too much for two girls, but what you may not realize is that Southernerns know how to eat...especially these two.

This project is simple, easy, and matched my Thanksgiving place setting perfectly.

Letterpress & Epic Tools
Orange Letterpress Ink
QK Die Cut
Green Velvet Ribbon
Double Sided Tape

How To:
After typing out your menu, print it on No.10 paper using your home printer, leaving some space at the top. Cut out a decorative label or oval on a scrap of letterpress paper using a QK nesting die. Use the Give Thanks printing plate from the Holiday set 2 and orange ink to letterpress the phrase onto your die cut label or oval. Secure ribbon and Give Thanks onto the top of your menu using double sided sticky tape.

Keep in mind you can use any size letteprress paper, any color ink and any print plate design to create the menu that will fit your Thanksgiving decor and table scape. Have fun with it.

Other Application:
I've found myself using this home printer + letterpress technique a lot. Use it to create invitations to invite family and friends to your Thanksgiving feast. Simply print the invite info onto a piece of letterpress paper, then letterpress any design on top.

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