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L is a brand I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. I love to make things. It’s definitely a genetic thing - my mom’s a crafter and so are each of my 4 sisters. I even consider my dad a pretty crafty and handy guy. We like to create. We’re also no respecter of crafts. We like to sew, knit, paper craft, crochet, stamp, quilt, scrapbook…the list could go on and on. It’s such a part of our lives that I’ve even seen my mom tear up at the sight of all 5 of her girls knitting together.
Through the years, we’ve collected every type of craft product and probably joined every craft trend from scrunchies in the eighties (there wasn’t a birthday party we didn’t go to that homemade scrunchies weren’t part of the gift) to our current obsession with letterpress…and fabric flowers, crocheted flowers, felt food, baby clothes, tote bags, glass etching, cupcakes…this list really could on and on if we’re being honest!

It’s that desire to live a creative life that led to L. I want to make things that add a personal handmade touch to the events in my life—from simple day-to-day activities to big celebrations like birthdays, babies and holidays. The hope is that through great craft products, L will enable me, and you, to live that handmade, creative life.

The L Letterpress is the first step at making that happen and the plan is to continue to release quality, stylish and functional products for a variety of crafting needs.

After all, it’s your life – create it.

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