12 Days of Letterpress: Cupcake Liners

I often use Letterpress printing in conjunction with QuicKutz dies, which is what I did here with these festive cupcakes. I couldn't resist jumping on the cupcake bandwagon after QuicKutz released a cupcake liner die. With this die I was able to cut out liners in letterpress paper then print on top. Last week I brought this little ensemble to a Christmas party.

Cupcake Liner Die (CC-SHAPE-079-1)
No. 10 Flat Paper
Letterpress Inks (red, light pink, teal green)
Holiday printing plate set 4
Wooden Skewer

How To:
Polka Dot Liners: Letterpress the polka dot pattern in your desired color on a No.10 piece of letterpress paper first, before cutting out the shape (this makes it easier to line up the polka dots). The No.10 paper is longer than the square polka dot printing plate, so I had to print half of the No.10 paper, then slide the paper to letterpress the other half. After the ink has dried cut out the cupcake liner shape using your QK die.

For the other liners, simply cut them out using your QK die, then letterpress holiday shapes in various colors on the front.

Top it all off by letterpressing a holiday phrase and attaching to a bamboo skewer.