12 Days of Letterpress: Holiday Card

I love the Christmas tree from the Holiday printing plate set 3, which we've paired with plums and silvers to create an elegant holiday place setting.

L Letterpress and Epic Tools
Letterpress Paper (A2 Fold)
Holiday Print Plates Set 3
Holiday Printing Plate Set 4
Letterpress Inks (Silver & Custom Plum)
Palette Knife

How To:
To create the custom plum letterpress ink, mix red and blue inks using your palette knife (which comes in the Accessory Tool Kit). Play around with the colors until you get the shade of plum or purple that you want.

First letterpress the silver Christmas tree. After the ink has sufficiently dried, letterpress the plum tree, overlapping the silver one slightly. I used the "Happy Holidays" plate from Holiday Set 4, but feel free to add whatever phrase you'd like. Print your phrase of choice on a separate piece of letterpress paper. Then layer this piece over the top of the trees. This makes it look as if you didn't print the bottom of the trees. Layer a coordinating ribbon over the top with double-sided take to hide the paper "seam".

Throw in a family photo and make it your holiday card to send out to family and friend. Attach it to a wrapped present or insert a gift card for the perfect present.


  1. WE're really excited to see all of the projects you post over the next 12 days! After having a chance to play with it in our stores this weekend, we're totally in love & excited for all of the possibilities! Thanks--yet again--for such a wonderful product!

  2. Lovely card. How did you get only a partial print of the plum tree? Is that a separate piece of CS adhered to the front?

  3. Carolyn-
    I didn't specify that part in the "How To" section. The piece with "Happy Holidays" is printed on a separate piece of letterpress paper, then layered over the top to make it look like only part of the trees were printed. The ribbon hides the seam. Hope this helps.

    I will clarify my instructions.