12 Days of Letterpress: Jelly Labels

This year for Christmas I made my Grandmother's pepper jelly to give to my friends and co-workers. QuicKutz Double Sided Adhesive sheets as well as the L Paper Placement Guides came in handy with this project. I tried to do a step by step photo style to explain how I used these accessories.

L Letterpress Tool
Letterpress Paper (mini flat)
Letterpress Ink (dark green)
L Paper Placement Guides
Quickutz Double Sided Adhesive
QuicKutz nesting oval scallop (CC-SHAPE-3-036 )

How To:
First cut a piece of double sided adhesive, about the size of the mini flat letterpress card. Peel off one side of the adhesive and place the mini card on top.

Use the scallop oval from CC-SHAPE-3-036 or any other QuicKutz shape to cut your label out of your letterpress paper. You'll notice you have to use the light grey platform to cut paper using QK dies.

The paper placement foam guides are really useful when making multiple copies of a design. The foam guides have an adhesive on one side to hold your paper in place to make sure you get a perfectly aligned design each time.

After you letterpress your design, peel off the back of the adhesive and place it on your mason jar. Make sure the jar is clean and dry to ensure that the label sticks.