12 Days of Letterpress: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from L!

I found an old photo of my grandmother and her brothers, cleaned it up a bit in photoshop and attached it to an A7 cream piece of a letterpress paper. The ornaments from the Holiday set 3 remind me of the vintage old world ornaments my grandmother put on her Christmas tree.

L Letterpress Tool
Letterpress Paper (A7 Flat)
Letterpress Ink (gold & custom purple)
Pallet Knife
Holiday Printing Plate set 3
Holiday Printing Plate set 2
Paper Placement Guides

How To:
I mixed red, blue and a bit of brown with my pallet knife to create a shade of purple that I was happy with.


  1. I am so fascinated by this product! What a wonderful way to get started with letterpress and small-batch personal projects. I can't wait to try one out! Will you be coming out with new font plates?

  2. Fantastic site! I love what you do, you make it look so easy yet regal. Good job. Superb job.


  3. Very fun! Is there going to be a new post soon?