[Inspire Me] Chevron Pattern

I've been seeing chevron patterns everywhere, so we played around with the zigzag pattern from the Holiday Printing Plate Set 1 and several different ink colors to come up with these vibrant designs.  It's easier than it looks.  Scroll down for directions.

L Letterpress Tool
Ink Brayer
Cleaning Cloths
L Letterpress Paper
Holiday Printing Plate Set 1 (zigzag/chevron pattern)
L Letterpress Ink (bright green, orange, navy, teal blue & black, orange, silver)

How To:
Here is where the clear lid and grid on the L Letterpress come in handy.  First ink the whole chevron pattern in one color and letterpress that onto your piece of paper.  While this first layer is drying, clean off your printing plate (chevron pattern) and brayer with your cleaning cloths.  Select another color and ink the whole chevron pattern again.  This time, before you close the lid of your L Letterpress, look through the top of the clear plastic lid and using the grid (or just eyeballing) shift your paper slightly up or down so that the second color does not overlap the first color.  Repeat this process with up to 4 colors.

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