A Christmas Tree with our Nesting Scallops!

Isn't this Christmas Tree made with our nesting scallops wonderful? One of our design team members Leah Killian came up with the idea and we just had to share. She was kind enough to send us instructions and photos of the process. Thanks Leah!
1. Cut a cardboard base slightly smaller than your largest scallop.
2. Poke a kebab skewer through the center of the base, and secure with glue.
3. Cut 3 of each size of scallop in coordinating scrapbook paper (use a heavier weight paper).
4. Put a small hole in the center of each scallop.
5. Put a dab of glue on the hole before you load them onto your skewer from largest to smallest one at a time- leave a small space between each one.

6. Once you reach the top, use stars from the basic cupcake liner collection glued back to back to cover the tip of the skewer.
7. To make larger or smaller trees, just cut more or less scallops. I also inked the edges of my scallops.

The finished product!