Get Excited.

Love is coming your way this Tuesday... check back for the latest release and project ideas from Lifestyle Crafts.


  1. Excited to see that ours are on the way! LOVE the way y'all are announcing to retailers and shipping within days! Way to go, Lifestyle Crafts :)

  2. I'll keep checking in to see what exciting things are happening at Lifestyle Crafts.

  3. some feedback: i really would just the gun and order instantly as i love boxes! i have a wishblade but it is so convenient to use diecut machine for boxes when i'm crafting, and the perforated cutting lines really make wishblade boxes look bad.
    there is really one thing that stop me from order any such item from quickutz/lifestyle craft, and it is the perforated creasing lines -thous are so ugly! :(
    projects above and in scrappyland blog all make me wanna buy except for the dashed holes, if i wanted dashed holes for perforating i'd just use my wishblade as it can't make a any other creasing line. even sizzix boxes are better as they cut thick material and don't use perforated creasing lines, but there drawback is they make there boxes so it's necessary to cut several parts and glue together. you made it better as the takeout box is one part only and not divided like there is.

    so you'll have me going on shopping spree when you use an other solution then perforated folding lines for you folded items such as cards and boxes. it is really there that quickutz failed and where i hope you can improve the dies.