Thanksgiving Workshop: Envelopes

It's the "off" year. The year when most of my siblings spend Thankgiving with their in-laws. So, I sent them Thanksgiving cards instead to express my gratitude for them on this special holiday. Here's the coolest part. After I letterpressed cards for my family and friends, I letterpressed matching envelopes.

L Letterpress and Epic Tools
Letterpress Envelopes (A2 Cream)
Holiday Printing Plate Set 2
Letterpress Ink (Gold and Dark Brown)

How To:
Arrange your printing plates on the Letterpress. Apply both the dark brown ink and the gold ink before you run it through the Epic Six. I applied the dark brown first. Naturally, it touched the other part of the acorn and the leaf plate as well, in fact, I let it touch the edges on purpose. Then I went back and applied the gold ink on top. The result was a beautiful shading on the gold acorn and leaf. I love mixing colors and playing with the inks.
Letterpress envelopes are softer than other envelopes, but not as thick and soft as Letterpress paper. The result will be more of a print on the envelope than the deeper deboss you'll see on a letterpressed card.

Other Applications:
Letterpress your Christmas card envelopes or holiday party invitations.


  1. I think that I really need one of these machines...

  2. Is letterpressing a full invitation when you're going to be making 50 of them just too crazy or is it doable? If its doable, could you show an example?

  3. Hi Anonymous. Yes, doing mass production of a project is definitely doable, and with some ideas we have for the near future it will be even easier. I actually just letterpressed 30 baby shower invitations, so I will post those for you soon.