Thanksgiving Workshop: A2 Card

This card shows the technique of blind embossing, which is created by running a printing plate through the Letterpress without any ink. The design is the same color as the paper, but still adds dimension and depth to your design. This card design would go great with the Thanksgiving envelope posted yesterday.

L Letterpress and Epic Tools
Letterpress Paper (A2 flat, white)
Holiday Printing Plate Set 2
Letterpress Ink (dark brown, red & orange)

How To:
Letterpress the leaf from the Holiday Printing Plate Set 2 in a variety of fall colors on one side of your A2 card. I wanted the design to feel like it continued off the paper, so I letterpress half of the leaves on the top and bottom of the card. After this ink dries, letterpress the border line designs from the Holiday Set 2 over the leaves. It's important that you do the inked leaves first, followed by the blind emboss so the ink is distributed evenly on the paper.

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