Thanksgiving Workshop: Cupcake Picks

For my birthday a couple of weeks ago I received a jumbo cupcake tin and a beautiful white cake stand (give me a cake stand and we’re friends for life). To break in these beauties I made pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Yes, I know, not cupcakes, but it works, especially with that pretty piped cream cheese frosting on top.

To tie it all into the Thanksgiving season, I made these letterpressed picks using traditional autumn colors with a kick of teal green...because I’m into teal these days.

L Letterpress and Epic Tools
Letterpress Paper (white, any size)
Holiday Printing Plate Set 2
Wedding Printing Plate Set 2
Letterpress Inks (orange, dark brown, yellow, red and teal green)
QuicKutz Cookie Cutter Nesting Circles (CC-SHAPE-14-024)
Paper Placement Guides
Craft Sticks
Double Sided Tape

Cut five circles out of letterpress paper using the 2.5” ring from CC-SHAPE-14-025 (eighth ring from inside). Then letterpress a dark brown ring onto each circle using the medium size ring printing plate from the Wedding Set 2. Let this dry for a bit before moving to the next step (if you used the proper amount of ink, it does not take long to dry). Choose a variety of autumn shapes from the Holiday Set 2 and letterpress them onto your rings using fall colored inks, or whatever ink colors match your Thanksgiving decor.

Tip: Use the Paper Placement Guides to line your circle up perfectly with your printing plate.

Other Applications:
This size cupcake pick may be a little large for standard or mini cupcakes. No problem. Just use a smaller size ring from the QuicKutz nesting circles and don't letterpress the dark brown ring, just the holiday shapes.

While letterpressing this project I made a few extras, punched a hole in the top of the circle, added a ribbon then attached it to a pumpkin spice candle I gave to a friend.

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