Thanksgiving Workshop: Holiday Printing Plate Set 2

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? This year I get to focus on the decor and leave the food to someone else (my mother-in-law is fantastic cook and well known for her skills in the kitchen!). For me that's the best of both worlds. I get to create a fun environment and then enjoy a great meal.

In the next week leading up to Thanksgiving we will be posting a project a day in what we are calling our "Thanksgiving Workshop". Some of the talented people at L will share with you a few projects and ideas you can use as inspiration for your own Thanksgiving holiday.

The image above is Holiday Printing Plate set 2 which has a fun Thanksgiving focus. Laura, one of our product designers, designed these plates with fall in mind - her favorite season!

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  1. So if I purchase this machine.. can I make my own printing plates?