12 Days of Letterpress: Christmas Tree

I went to Target last week to buy this mirror tree I had seen a few weeks earlier. To my chagrin, they were sold out! This has happened to me so many times, you'd think I'd learn my lesson and buy instead of hesitating.

Fast forward to last night...

I was up with insomnia (thinking about some new letterpress designs, actually), and spotted a cone shaped piece of Styrofoam I had in a box full of other craft supplies to take to my basement storage. Add a little glitter and letterpressed ornaments and voila. I bit out there, but I was happy with the result. I think it would look so pretty on a mantle piece paired with glass candlesticks and ornaments. Make the ornaments with inks in traditional reds and greens, if that matches your Christmas decor.

L Letterpress Tool
Holiday Printing Plate set 3
Holiday Printing Plate set 4Letterpress Paper (any size, white)
Letterpress Inks (silver, gold, teal blue)
Circle Cutting Dies (from your LP combo kit, or QK)
Paper Placement Guides
bamboo skewer
Styrofoam tree/cone
spray adhesive

How To:
Spray a Styrofoam cone (in a well ventilated area) with spray adhesive. Cover cone with silver glitter. Cut several circles out of white letterpress paper using your circle nesting shapes and Epic die cutting tool. Use your Paper Placement Guides to keep your paper circles secure as you letterpress a variety of snowflakes (Holiday set 4) and ornaments (Holiday set 4) in silver, gold and teal blue inks. Tie several knots/bows with your choice of ribbon and secure along with your letterpressed circle ornament to the dried Styrofoam tree with straight pins. Top it all off with your "star" using a bamboo skewer.


  1. Cool tree. I love the sparkle and the ornaments are great.

  2. oh, too sparkling for my cat... But i think he can like it))))