color of the day: grass green

Did you know that you can mix L Letterpress Inks to make your own custom colors? The palette knife in the the L Accessory Tool Kit is perfect for this. Simply take 2 or more colors of ink and mix together. When mixing colors, here are some helpful tips to remember:
  • Add darker colors to light colors. It takes a lot less dark ink added to light ink to make a new color than vice versa.
  • Mix enough ink to complete your project to ensure the color stays consistent for all pieces.
  • Write down the "recipe" for your custom color so you can recreate it in case you run out of ink or you want to make more for a future project.

The L line currently includes a dark green and bright green ink, but I was looking for a different green...something more like grass green. So, I mixed dark green and yellow together in different combinations to create three new shades.

Here's the recipe I used to create these three new shades of green:
          1 part dark green : 1 part yellow
          1 part dark green : 3 parts yellow
          1 part dark green : 7 parts yellow


  1. Nice! It's good to see the colors can go a long way!

  2. very nice! my favorite color is green!

  3. can you use other oil-based letterpress inks with this line? I am well versed in paper choices as i have a graphic design background, but i'm not sure about the inks and things.