[inspire me] gift card

I think the line border from this letterpress printing plate set is perfect for so many things! Don't let the fall/Thanksgiving theme in the set scare you away. I use this set all the time.

Here's a quick project I created this weekend. My neighbor had a baby so I wanted to drop off a small welcome gift of burp cloths and anti-bacterial gel...can you really ever have enough of these two things with a baby?? 

The letterpressed gift card was a perfect finishing touch. I love how the lines of the printing plate can look like ribbon or twine wrapped around the paper.


  1. Sweet! I love the tips you are giving, they are great. Someday I'll get me an L Letterpress and I'll already be a pro.

  2. That is a very unique gift card. It is so cute indeed. You have to be a very creative person to build an amazing thing like that. Thank you for sharing it.