A Romantic Dinner with the Love Release!

Patch, one of our design team members set up this Valentine's Day dinner for his wife using the dies from the Love release. We are loving this sophisticated side of Lifestyle Crafts and it's proof that these dies are extremely versatile! Patch was nice enough to send us instructions on how he set up this surprisingly simple dinner. 

I wanted to set up a nice romantic table for two that felt handmade but also sophisticated. The Mini Takeout Box was my favorite. It was SO easy and with this choice of gold leafed paper I think it came out so nice. A perfect spot for a simple gold chain and a promise.Gift Box 1

The candle wraps were easy.  I used the XO border die and wrapped them around the candle.
X O Pillar 2

The Votive holders were so fast and anything you put a soft flame behind always comes out looking great.  Using the Love Pop-ups, I just measured the paper around the votive holders I had at the house, cut to size, and zipped it through the Epic and glued the seams. Done.
Votive Holders

The mini valentine was my wife's favorite, I added the first lines of a poem read at our wedding, 'My truelove has my heart, and I have his' And instead of the the word 'heart' the clasp of the envelope took it's place. Perfect.

The Place mats were simple, I punched out 8 hearts (4 with scalloped edges and 4 plain nesting hearts, that way I could punch two styles at the same time) and glued them in the circle creating that quilted star pattern in the middle. I adjusted them to fit my plates and glued them in place with a glue stick.

The XO confetti was just the XO border die, snipped apart instead of left together.  I also thought how great it would look if you had a few different lettering dies to do lots of sizes of X's and O's, maybe throw some glitter down with 'em so the table has some sparkle.
X O Confetti

Heart Placemat

Patch's advice: Use what you have. Your house is filled with things that can be looked at in a different way and sometimes your plans need to change. Be flexible and the whole experience should be enjoyable. I had a lot of fun putting this table together and I'm pretty pleased with the result.

 Thanks for the great ideas Patch!


  1. The mini take-out box is FABULOUS! Love it! I'm envisioning all kinds of little goodies in there. Those would make great party treats!

  2. I'm loving that mini take-out box and the mini-valentine especially!! Great samples, thanks for that!

  3. Patch is my paper crafting hero! I hope to meet him soon!

  4. Very pretty! I'll have to see if I can make the placemats.